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These disposable air fryer liners are great for roasting, frying and serving food. They are also great for home, office and holiday get togethers.

Air Fryer Liner - 75 pc - 7.9 inch.

SKU: 43387
    • Our 7.9" round air fryer disposable paper liner is made of 100% Raw Wood Pulp and can be used in a 3-8 quart air fryer, include Ninja AF100/101/161, Vortex Plus, Ultra Compact 2 Quart Air Fryer, COSORI. This can also be used for home baking/roasting, BBQ, serving food, wrapping leftovers and so on.
    • These unbleached 100% all natural liners are round bowl shape, making it convenient for putting food in and out of the air fryer without leaking or tearing. High heat withstand 450 degree F safe to use in air fryer and will not curl or burn.
    • Free from harmful substances, no fluorescent agent. Food grade making your baking safe and non-toxic. 
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