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Offering superior strength and function, this Schraf oyster knife is sure to become an essential tool at any seafood venue. The blade has a short and wide design and features a sharp edge, perfect for finding the crease between oyster shells.


Schraf is a trusted brand of professional-grade cutlery at an affordable price point. Each knife is designed with longevity, safety, and comfort in mind, ensuring a high-quality performance every time. The blades are crafted with X50 German stainless steel, renowned for its strength and durability. Their complete cutlery line guarantees there is a Schraf knife for every task.

Schraf 2" Frenchman style oyster knife with guard and TPR Grip handle

  • The German stainless steel blade is not only the perfect size for prying open oyster shells, but will not discolor or corrode.

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