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Our Silicone Handle Holder Makes Cooking With Cast Iron, Stainless Steel or any other cookware easy, safe and fun.

Silicone Pot Handle Grips - 2 pieces

SKU: 31618
  • - Made of durable and high-quality silicone.
    - The silicone handle holder can protect hands from any heat.
    - Protect your hands from -104ºF to 464ºF (-40°C to 240°C).
    - Anti-slip texture and internal silicone ribbing on the handle for more security when moving heavy hot pans.
    - Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean and quick dry.
    - Fits most traditional cast iron skillet/pot assist handles and dual handle pans.

  • Material: Silicone
    Quantity: 2 pack
    Size: 3.66 inch * 1.57 inch * 0.91 inch
    Color: Moonstone

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