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ZWILLING Thermo is the healthy, sustainable choice for enjoying home cooked meals or home brewed drinks on the go. Whether you are taking your lunch to school, your coffee to work, infused drinks on a hike, or a cold beverage on a long drive, Thermo offers leakproof, double-walled vacuum insulated containers of superior design. Ideal for bringing coffee, tea, or cold beverages to work, on car trips, or to sporting events. Hot beverages stay hot for up to 7 hours, while cold beverages remain cold for up to 12 hours. The one touch opening lid is made for one hand operation, with a safety lock to prevent accidental opening. With a removable lid, clean up is a cinch.

ZWILLING Thermo Insulated Travel Bottle, Pink

SKU: 39500-502
    • Sustainable, reusable option for to-go beverages and food
    • Keeps hot food and beverages hot, cold food and beverages cold
    • Removable parts for easy, hygienic cleanup
    • Features double-walled insulation made of 18/10 stainless steel
    • 100% leakproof
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